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Welcome to the new store by The Beer Connoisseur® magazine!
Welcome to new store by The Beer Connoisseur® magazine!

The Book of Hops: A Craft Beer Lover's Guide to Hoppiness

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Author: DiSorbo, Dan

Color: Black

Binding: Hardcover

Number Of Pages: 256

Release Date: 31-05-2022

Part Number: 41420131

Details: Product Description The first fully illustrated guidebook for craft beer drinkers, pairing hyper-detailed photography with profiles of 50 of today’s most popular hop varieties. Hops are the most important ingredient in the beer we love, offering a spectrum of distinct aromas, flavors, and bitterness. Whether it’s a floral Cascade, spicy Saaz, juicy Citra, or a combination of different varieties, hop character has become the driving force behind craft brewing. The Book of Hops profiles fifty of the most sought-after hops from around the world, with intricate photography and notes on taste, composition, use, and origin, plus examples of the wonderful beers that showcase them. With contributions from today’s most important brewers and growers; a handy primer that breaks down the science, story, and production of beer; and hand-picked craft beer recommendations throughout, this fully illustrated guidebook is all you need to discover and fully savor your next favorite brew. About the Author Dan DiSorbo is a principal at PB&J Design, an award-winning brand design agency, and author and illustrator of several bestselling books. He was also a cofounder of a successful Connecticut craft brewery and has won numerous competitions in the craft beer industry. Erik Christiansen is a self-taught photographer and pioneer of focus-stacked photography. His hyper-detailed macrophotography has been featured on the cover of Newsweek magazine, in Time magazine, and on Slate, NPR, and Mashable. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Introduction All my friends are hopheads. For some, it’s the spicy bitterness of a noble hop that has them fiending for more; others salivate with an uncontrollable Pavlovian response over the juicy fruit bouquet from new aroma hop varieties. For me, it’s the sheer dankness of certain hops that entices my taste buds, bringing joy with each and every sip. As the most luscious ingredient in beer, hops offer a full spectrum of distinct aromas, delicious flavors, and soulful bitterness to the multitude of tasty beers we imbibe. Hop character is often the defining feature in some of the world’s most celebrated beer styles. Part science, part art, part magic, beer is one of the oldest and most consumed beverages on the planet. Since the days of our Neolithic ancestors, this strange brew has helped build civilizations and empires, revolutionized industries and cultures, and continues to transcend all borders to unite beer drinkers far and wide. The culture surrounding beer today grows increasingly complex with more breweries, ingredients, and styles seemingly introduced daily. The hundreds of styles available in the craft beer aisle can be a brave beer lover’s dream or leave a curious newcomer overwhelmed and confused. How do we navigate the winding road to beer nirvana? Understand the difference between dryhopped IPAs and barrel-aged Saisons? In short, how do we pick which beer to drink? You’ve likely seen playful interpretations of the hop adorning many of these craft beer labels. Breweries are even using modern renditions of the hop cone as the main icon for the identity of their entire brand. It’s time we look behind the lure of these labels to find real answers to all the questions we have about hops. What are they? Where do they come from? How do they impact all these different beer styles? Why do they taste so delicious? And, of course, which of these beautifully packaged beers is the best? While no one can answer that last question, this book will tackle the rest of them by unlocking the secrets of the hop. It is time we honor and respect this virtuous flower with a book worthy of its importance to both contemporary beer culture and all humankind. The scientific name of the plant is Humulus lupulus, and it’s a native species to several continents, very hardy, and now grown the world over (at times referred to as the “wolf of the woods,” for a more suitably badass translation of its Latin na

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Languages: English

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