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Welcome to the new store by The Beer Connoisseur® magazine!
Welcome to new store by The Beer Connoisseur® magazine!

VEVOR Electric Brewing System, 9.2 Gal/35 L Brewing Pot, All-in-One Home Beer Brewer w/Pump

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Brand: VEVOR

Color: Silver


  • 9.2 Gal/35 L Brewing Pot: Our all-in-one brewing system makes it simple for homebrewers to step up to all-grain brewing without a mountain of equipment and costs. The 9.2 Gal pot can brew up to 8 Gal of high-quality beer. The inner pot in contact with food is constructed of 0.02-inch-thick 304 stainless steel, handling nothing but grains. It is sure to stand up to the heavy-duty use and perfect your beer recipes. An ideal solution for your beer brewing needs is right in front of you.
  • Intelligent LCD Control Panel: Equipped with a feature-rich control panel, this electric brewing system is hassle-free to set up. You can select the auto or manual mode according to your habit. Power (100-1800W), temperature (25-100℃), and time (1-180 minutes) are all adjustable. Besides, our brewing system is designed with characteristic functions. It can memorize up to 10 recipes and will remind you to add hops when boiling. Start your brewing process with the easy-to-operate panel.
  • Full Saccharifying & Fast Cooling: This mash and boil device can mash up to 17.6 lbs of malt and saccharify up to 18.7 lbs. It features automatic step mashing with 7 programmable stages, each of which can be programmed into individual temperatures and duration for precise control. When it's time to cool down your wort after the boil, the 28.8-feet-long condensing coil will handle all the work for you. Plus, a filter screen separates the unwanted particles from the inner pot.
  • Effective Circulating Arm & Pump: A circulating pump recirculates the wort through the circulating arm, increasing the brewing efficiency and leading to better beers with a higher yield. It can keep the machine temperature uniform during saccharification. The circulating arm is not easy to bend and can be thoroughly cleaned with water injection. An independent on/off switch for the pump and a flow rate regulator are also integrated so that you can take control of the whole brewing process.
  • Accessible for All-Level Users: Our all-grain brewing system with manual and auto modes satisfies the demands of beginners to experts. A kitchen, basement, garage, or patio will all work for your home brewery. And its compact footprint allows it to be stored nicely when your brewing work is done. Start brewing your signature beers with our all-in-one home brewing equipment and enjoy the feeling you get when you take that first sip after a long day at work.

Binding: Kitchen

model number: Home Beer Brewer Auto/Manual

Part Number: Electric Brewing System 8 Gal

Details: key Features Extensive Brewing Capacity The brew kettle measures 9.2 Gal in capacity, and its actual brewing volume reaches 8 Gal, mashing up to 17.6 lbs of malt each time. Suitable for both light-duty home use and heavy-duty commercial use. Effective Cooling Coil The stainless steel condensing coil is 28.8 feet in overall length and 19.1 inches in height. It will take over the cooling work after the wort in the inner pot has been boiled. Fuller Saccharification Automatic step mashing with 7 programmable stages is friendly to all-level users. You can precisely control the brewing process by programming each stage into individual temperatures and duration. About 18.7 lbs of malt can be saccharified each time. Feature-Rich LCD Display The intelligent control panel combines various functions to simplify your brewing work. You can freely set the temperature, power, and time. Auto/manual mode selection, recipe memory, and hops-adding reminder are also equipped. Circulating Water Pump The circulating pump facilitates the wort flow through the circulating arm. The pump can be controlled by an independent switch, and the flow rate can be adjusted as you wish. Brew Your Own Beer in 7 Steps Disinfect, mash, saccharify, filter, boil, cool, and ferment. Our all-in-one beer brewing system will let you finish the whole brewing process yourself anywhere. Specifications Model: DM-N30 Voltage: 110V Pot Capacity: 9.2 Gal Actual Brewing Capacity: 8 Gal Power Range: 100-1800W Temp Range: 25-100℃ Time Range: 1-180 min Material: 304 Stainless Steel Brewing Pot Dimensions: Φ14x24.2 in Inner Pot Dimensions: Φ13.2x14.6 in Condensing Coil Size (LXH): 28.8 ft x 19.1 in Product Dimensions: 16.5x14.0x32.3 in Package Content 1 x Brewing Pot 1 x Inner Pot 1 x Circulating Pump 1 x Circulating Arm 1 x Filter Screen 1 x Condensing Coil 1 x User Manual

EAN: 0840281541300

Package Dimensions: 27.5 x 17.5 x 17.0 inches

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